Key Industries

Our member countries are focused mainly on five industries. These industries include Energy, Transportation, Tourism, Fishing and Agriculture.

Energy- BIMP seeks to encourage renewable energy sources for a sustainable future.   We provide grants to companies build solar power plants, and hydroelectric dams. We have funds set aside for Geothermal Initiatives.

Transportation- We provide funding for transpiration within the member regions. Our goal is to implement a railroad through the region for the easy transportation of people and goods. This way we will be able to get skilled labor to where it is most needed.

Tourism- Tourism plays a large role in our member countries as every year 20 million people come to visit the BIMP region. We seek to promote tourism in order to bring more developement into the region.

Fishing- BIMP seeks to ensure the conservation of fish species through sustainable fishing practices.  We are in the process of funding a large media campaign to raise awareness about sustainable fishing.

Agriculture- Agriculture is vital to our economies as many member countries export agriculture products all over the world. We provide funding to introduce to technologies to the agriculture sector to boost productivity and production of crops.